“The more you smile the healthier you are, there is just no question.”

Sharing This Philosophy

Dr. Caunitz firmly believes that oral health is a key part of overall wellbeing, and strives to provide superior dentistry that will make a distinct difference in her patients’ lives. More and more patients are seeking out integrative medical and dental treatments, and Dr. Caunitz is proud to offer a more holistic approach to dental care.

Dr. Caunitz and her compassionate staff firmly believe that overall health and wellness is all about balance and actively seek to promote health and wellbeing in their patients, who range in age from children to seniors, by sharing the ways in which dentistry either helps or hurts the body. General dentistry is focused on the prevention and treatment of a variety of dental problems, including cavities and gum disease.

In our state of the art office, dentistry is provided with an understanding that dental problems, as well as their solutions, have an impact on the body as well as the smile. Dr.Caunitz, a Registered Nurse with over twenty-five years of dental experience, is proud to offer New York City patients excellent dental care that seeks to promote whole-body health.

Recognizing the direct connection between the mouth and the body, Dr. Caunitz routinely screens every patient for oral cancer and also provides ph testing of saliva. Foods can affect sensitivity and this important screening process can provide valuable information to the patient about their overall health and wellness. In addition to focusing on nutrition, Dr. Caunitz also routinely evaluates her patients’ quality of sleep by checking for evidence of bruxism (or teeth grinding) and also performs evaluations for snoring and sleep apnea.

Implementing This Philosophy

Your smile should be bright and healthy. Correcting dental problems and enhancing your smile should not come at a cost to your health. Dr. Caunitz’ patients can feel confident knowing that they use only biocompatible materials and products that are free of BPA. Dr. Caunitz does not use dental amalgam, and she follows a strict protocol to remove amalgam fillings safely when necessary.

In addition to providing patients with healthy alternatives to traditional dental materials, Dr. Caunitz’ office is designed with state-of-the-art equipment that is gentler on patients, as well as the environment. Our digital x-ray equipment reduces radiation by as much as 95 percent. Techniques and procedures used in preventive and restorative care are intended to be conservative, minimally invasive, and long lasting.

While endorsing healthier treatments, Dr. Caunitz also believes in a healthier environment for her patients:

  • Water in the office is Triple Filtered
  • Specialized Air Filtration system
  • Paperless goal
  • When printing is necessary, we use nontoxic inks

Focusing on the relationship between overall wellness and dental health, Dr. Caunitz encourages her patients to implement this holistic approach at home by advocating overall wellness through healthy lifestyle choices and stress reduction. She feels that education is the key to better overall health.