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Composite Fillings

Beth Caunitz, DDS -  - General Dentist

Beth Caunitz, DDS

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If you have a cavity, chip, or crack in your tooth, or if your teeth are worn or uneven, a natural-looking composite filling can make it look as good as new. Beth Caunitz, DDS, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, uses only composite fillings that are BPA-free and metal-free, and look like part of your tooth. If you need a filling that's functional and aesthetic, contact Dr. Caunitz's team by phone or use the online booking form today.

Composite Fillings Q & A

How can I tell if I have a cavity?

A cavity is a tiny hole in your tooth that you might not be able to see. Sometimes a cavity causes a toothache or tooth sensitivity, but often it gives you no clue it’s there.

When you come to Dr. Caunitz for your biannual examination and professional cleaning, she examines your teeth for cavities. She may also use digital X-rays to identify cavities.

How do you fix my tooth?

Before your procedure, you receive either a numbing agent, nitrous oxide, or both, so you'll stay comfortable at every stage of the treatment. If you have a cavity, Dr. Caunitz cleans it and fills the hole with a composite filling to stabilize the tooth and protect it from infection. If you have a broken or cracked tooth, Dr. Caunitz may gently file a portion of your enamel so that the filling better adheres to your tooth. She molds the filling to compensate for the crack, worn-down area, or chip. Dr. Caunitz mixes color into the composite material to precisely match the filling to the appropriate shade of your natural teeth.

Repairing cracks and other structural problems in your teeth may require several layers of composite fillings to get the strongest setting and most natural look. After Dr. Caunitz has finished filling your cavity or fixing your broken tooth, she exposes the composite material to a particular type of light that seals and hardens the composite filling. She then polishes your filling so that it looks and feels smooth, and resists staining.

How long do composite fillings last?

Composite fillings can wear away over time. However, with proper care, they can last five to 15 years, maybe longer. If you've fixed a chipped tooth in the front of your mouth, you may want to avoid biting into hard foods, such as an apple. Dr. Caunitz can advise you how best to care for your beautifully repaired teeth.

Regular dental visits reduce your risk for cavities and allow your dentist to check for worn teeth, cracks, and other flaws in your teeth. Contact Dr. Caunitz for an exam or composite filling by using the online booking form or calling her friendly staff.